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Sharon’s Blog 3/9/14

Where has the month gone?  It took us a bit longer to recover from the crossing than we would have thought.   Le Phare Bleu marina was a nice facility and the staff was super, but the surge was so bad we felt like we were still at sea ( or worse as we were tied to a dock).  After four nights of chewing up some good dock lines, we headed into Port Louie Marina in St. George’s. 

We thought we arrived with a fairly short repair list, but it has drug on and on.   Our squeaky steering wheel turned into a nightmare project.  Each day we waited for Grenada Marine to show up as promised.  After a week and a half, they finally came and essentially botched the repair.  After another week and Kim’s daily discussions, a supervisor corrected the problems and I have to say treated us fairly on their costs.  Our other repairs went better, but it just never seems to end. 

On a more positive note, Grenada is a very nice place to visit.  The Grenadians are super friendly and could not be more helpful.  We have especially enjoyed getting to know a young couple, Roger and Miriam.  Roger is the captain of our boat neighbor and Miriam works as a media consultant.   Grenada is a Mecca for cruisers.   The whole island seems to cater to us.   Many stores and even the grocery stores have dingy docks and the bag boys cheerfully roll out your groceries to your dingy.  Grenada prides itself on its spices, especially nutmeg and its rum.  Every woman selling produce in the market has an array of spices and usually spice necklaces.

The only negative thing I have to say about Grenada is the sand flies.  If you have not experienced these little devils, their bite is wicked and hurts for a couple of weeks.  We have not seen these to this extent since New Zealand.  As soon as we moved into St George’s, we were besieged.  We have had a heck of a time getting rid of them on Georgia. 

Our play time in Grenada was curtailed by Kim having a terrible outbreak of shingles.  Of course this culminated just as we have checked into a very nice hotel for an indulgent weekend.  One rum punch and we are checking out heading to the emergency medical clinic.  You know it is not good when the doctor looks at you and exclaims, “Oh My God!”  A week of the medication and he is feeling better, but not great.  Roger and Miriam brought over a big stalk of aloe which does seem to soothe the pain. 

We have missed doing a couple of things we had planned,  but we both feel like we have gotten a good feel for the island and always our favorite  gotten to know some of the locals. We leave soon for the ABC islands.  We meet Erica and her family in just a couple of weeks in Curacao so we really need to get on the move again.

Fair Winds,

S/V Georgia J, moored at Port Louie Mariana, St. George’s  Grenada.

Shopping at the market
Lunch at the Flamboyant
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