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Sea Log 7- Mexico's Gold Coast- Tennacutita and Las Hadas

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Georgia J was anchored for two weeks Boca de Iguanas in beautiful Tennacutita (“TEN NA CU TEA TA”) Bay  

Tennacutita Highlights:


1.      Meeting “Chips”


“Chips” the dolphin knows hard luck.  He lost a big chunk of fin- probably from swimming with sharks or surfing too close to some power boater.  Chips and his mate hang out in Tennacutita anchorage.  We first heard of Chips when a neighbor said two dolphins were swimming up and down his anchor chain scratching their backs. 


I met Chips on two occasions when I struggled alone with the dingy in the beach surf.  After the surf knocked me down repeatedly and filled the dingy with water, I was able to start the engine and push over the breaking waves.  Chips and his mate met me both times in about five feet of water and repeatedly swam by the dingy.  I had an eerie feeling that they were looking out for my safety. 


2.      Visit from Bob and Pam


Bob and Pam stayed a week in Tennacutita.  The luxury of having good friends with an automobile and real hotel shower was unbeatable.


3.      Jungle Cruises


Water and food were only available via a three hour dingy trip up a jungle river.  After crossing the river bar (just like Bogart in the African Queen), we made our way through the mangrove swamp to the Village of Tennacutita where water, groceries, palapa restaurants, and cold beer awaited.


4.      Dingy Snorkel Trips


Crystal clear water with lots of pretty fish.


5.      “Warren Peace” Arrives


John and Sharon Warren have finally caught up.  They have already provided fresh Mahi Mahi, America steaks, California wine, Mexican lobster, water from their water maker and great company.  Oh yea, they also loaned us a new digital camera to replace the one ruined in the surf (see #1 above).


6.      Whales


Almost every day, some one announced on the radio that one or more whales had entered the anchorage. One day, John Warren saw a whale surface right next to Georgia J while I stood in the dingy trying to start a stubborn outboard engine.  I never even saw him. 


Early one morning, I heard a sound in the boat which I recognized, but could not place.  Each time I went on deck the sound disappeared.  Then I remembered the sound of the humpback whale.  I went to my trusty iPod and listened to my humpback whale CD to confirm what I was hearing.  Sharon and I listened to them for over an hour.  I found that when I put my ear to the hull of the boat I could often hear them sing at night from our bunk.


Sharon was afraid the whales might sink the boat.  Although something clearly bumped the bottom of the boat one day, it was probably the accident prone Mr. Chips.

 Click here to hear humpback whales singing! Click here for stories of dolphins helping humans.

Tennacutita Anchorage- Best Snorkeling is around the rock

Dingy in the Jungle

Las Hadas Anchorage


After two weeks in Tennacutita, Georgia J and Warren Peace sailed to Las Hadas near Manzanillo.  We had a beautiful downwind sail in flat seas.   Warren Peace immediately sighted a pod of whales and later saw a sea turtle.  We saw whales, dolphins and one black fin which looked like a shark.


Warren Peace caught a 40” Mahi Mahi, hoisted the Genniker and left us in the dust.  We went wing on wing for a couple hours and then roared into Santiago Bay with 25 knots of wind on a broad reach.  After a less than perfect anchoring experience in crowded conditions and high winds, we enjoyed fresh Mahi Mahi and fine wine. 

Georgia J at Las Hadas